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Here is some info about the tranceiver and the computer i'm working with on packet.

My transceiver is an Maxon Mx 1000 with  40 channels. and has an ouput of 4 wat

My Tnc packet modem is an Tiny-2 MK-2  this modem has lots of features:

- Digital DCD for operating with unsquelched radios

- Personal message system

- 64 K EPROM

- Crystal controlled IC modem supports standard 1200/2200 Hz tones used for 1200 baud packet.


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My Computer:

Intel Pentium with mmx technolgy 166 Mhz.

40 mb intern 256kb cache

36x speed cd-rom player

2,1 Gigabyte harddisk

3D blaster Voodoo2 12 MB memory

33k6 internal fax/tel modem

cd rw Philiphs CCD 3610

ISDN modem


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